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A Rose in Space - NGC 2237
This flower-shaped nebula, also known by the less romantic name NGC 2237, is a huge star-forming cloud of dust and gas in our Milky Way galaxy. Estimates of the nebula’s distance vary from 4,500 to 5,000 light-years away.
At the center of the flower is a cluster of young stars called NGC 2244. The most massive stars produce huge amounts of ultraviolet radiation, and blow strong winds that erode away the nearby gas and dust, creating a large, central hole. The radiation also strips electrons from the surrounding hydrogen gas, ionizing it and creating what astronomers call an HII region.
Credit: NASA/JPL

Lost file (Owen Shuh 2014)

lovely dress

cafe lalo by Jacqueline Harriet on Flickr.

Mixed Media, “The Beginning Of The End” 2014

Skin Divers (series) by Veronica Hassell on Flickr.